Diriku dimata anakku Belva #evaluasi


1. Mummy’s so proud of you
2. When i get good grades, when i tidy my bed, when i take a bath 😀
3. When i don’t obey mummy ._.
4. When mummy sings like sheriff *music* 😀
5. Apa ini maa aku nggaktau mama gimanaa..
6. 39 🙂
7. 160 cm?
8. Blogging
9. Working? Blogging?
10. Her writing that inspires people ^^
11. Everything 😀
12. I dont know .-. , Sports? Hehe
13. Entrepreneur
14. Banyak ya ma ya? ._.
15. She’s confident and fun and caring and loving and..many more
16. Aku nggaktau kartuuun
17. Shopping, talking, singing hihi
18. We like music, we look alike ^^
19. I prefer reading she prefer writing? I’m shy she’s not..
20. She says it to me..she always care about me
21. Nggaktau maa..’-‘


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